Solar Slates

Solar slates on a Grade 2 listed building

Solar Slates are ideal for installation in conservation areas, on historic or listed buildings, new builds or renovation projects.
They combine the latest in photovoltaic technology with a roof slate that is so convincing that it has met with full planning approval so far.

Using the latest photovoltaic technology, a Solar Slate installation from South brings you the following benefits:
• Reliability: no moving parts
• Aesthetics: at last a perfect match to traditional slates
• Practically no maintenance
• Feed-in-tariffs eligible
• Easily meets planning requirements
• Plug and play: painless installation
Clean, reliable, sustainable and renewable; solar power meets all the criteria of an environmentally-friendly energy resource. As a pollution-free and inexhaustible method of energy production, solar power allows savings on energy costs as well as helping to increase the value of properties.

This micro-generation energy source also helps to meet legislative targets, so whether you have to reduce your carbon emissions by using on-site renewables to meet a planning requirement, or you simply want to improve your carbon footprint, Solar Slate now enables you to do this on any slate roof.