Welcome to 2019. Plenty going on in the first few months of the year with lots of demand for solar installations before the current feed in tariff scheme closes. We continue to see enquires from clients seeking whole house integrated solutions with wiring, data cabling, solar , battery, MHVR, solar immersion controller and EV charge point all deigned and installed by SOL.

The eight charge points we installed at Dartington Estate are working well and available on a pay as you go basis to the general public. Otter Nurseries Garden Centres have free to use charge points for their customers, these are very popular and were installed by SOL at 4 of the 5 branches during 2018.

Our 2018 Renault Zoe is a delight and currently achieves 160 miles on a full charge of its 40kW battery. Really exciting upgrade from the 20kw battery. Still want to see more 22kw public charge points for longer journeys.

Our new apprentice Jason is settling in well and is making himself very useful.

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