Ohme puts you in control when you charge your electric car at home.


This small but mighty brainbox works alongside a data driven app to offer EV drivers a digital ecosystem that charges at the cheapest rates. Simple, intelligent, genius.

Electric cars are good for the planet and Ohme seeks to make them even better. When you select Favour Green Energy in Settings the Ohme will charge at times when the carbon intensity of electricity generation is lower. You can also select Optimise for Battery Life which helps increase the lifetime of your battery. The Ohme unit does this by reducing the amount of time that the battery is at full charge and setting charge schedules to keep the battery at 80% charge or lower also helps preserve battery life. Please note that the Ohme unit requires a mobile phone data signal for the app and smart features to work.

  • Installed from £675*
  • Qualifies for the OLEV grant
  • 32A (7kW) charging rate
  • Type 1 and Type 2 connector options available
  • 5 metre cable length
  • *Total installed cost including hardware and Matt-E device from £1,025. The OLEV grant is £350 resulting in a customer contribution of £675 for a standard installation.
    *Requires a mobile phone data signal for the app and smart features to work