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Solar panels for home

Domestic solar panel installation

domestic solar installation

Investment in a domestic solar panel system now offers an excellent return on investment and pays back in approximately 5 years. Even better performance from the latest technology means consistent annual returns on investment for homeowners. Don’t take our word for it – see our range of case studies and testimonials.

Why install solar?

You save money on you electricity bills because while your solar panel system is generating electricity you can use it, for free.

It will add value to your property and the VAT on solar panel systems is only 0% for domestic customers

Microgeneration is the future. Our national grid is evolving to accommodate the flexibility this green technology gives us.

SOL Electrical are fully accredited RECC, IWA and MCS installers

Established for over 16 years, SOL Electrical can offer real peace of mind to our customers. We are fully accredited RECC, IWA and MCS installers with an excellent reputation for high quality domestic solar panel installations in Devon and Somerset. We’ll help you choose a high-performing system from a range of leading manufacturers, designed to suit your home’s specific requirements.

We will carry out a site survey at your property to fully understand your requirements and following this, provide you with a detailed quote showing projected outputs and potential savings.

Solar panel (Photovoltaic) systems can now be installed on East/West facing rooftops as well as the traditional south facing arrays. Ask us about optimisers to maximise system generation.

Other PV services and support

We service and repair all solar PV installations in Devon and Somerset whatever age, make or installer.

We can also advise on how to upgrade your system and maximise your return on investment.

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