4kW solar PV system with optimisation, Devon

Solar Edge optimisation maximises system performance

This system uses German designed and fabricated Solar World PV modules which we have found to deliver the best combination of quality, robustness and value available on the market.

System Details

  • 3.75kW output
  • Panels: 15 x Solar World 250 watt, all black panels
  • Inverters: SolarEdge with optimiser technology

The SolarEdge inverter in conjunction with a mini-optimiser on each panel ensures that our customer received the maximum returns possible from their PV – maximum generation provides the twin benefits of better earnings from the Feed-in Tariff and lower energy bills.

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Customer Comment

"“I was very pleased with the way the installation went. The quality of workmanship was very good and the meters were installed so neatly in a small cupboard space. I would definitely recommend SOL Electrical for Solar PV installation”"