SOL Electrical recommends installing a solar immersion controller to work with your solar pv installation.The device monitors the electricity generated by your solar pv system and when there is an excess which is about to be exported to the grid the controller diverts it to the immersion heater. These devices can be retro fitted to your existing solar pv system and can be used with your existing immersion heater. It has a built in hot water programmer to set the times when hot water is to be heated; it takes up very little space and can be easily fitted.

You’ll benefit from a significant reduction in utility bills, lower mains electricity reliance and better eco credentials for your property without affecting your FiT payments! You can see the savings you are making each day as the data is accurately reported on the clear, back lit LCD display of the unit.


The benefits include:

  • reduction of the average household energy bill by up to £250 per year
  • no added costs as the existing immersion heater in your hot water cylinder is used
  • peace of mind with a 3 year product warranty
  • easy to use: once programmed, the systems needs no additional input from the home-owner