Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is a maintenance free heating system, which results in warm feet and can even raise room temperatures. Our underfloor electric heating systems can be positioned under tile, stone, wood flooring and even carpet.

Electric underfloor heating can also:

  • reduce the number of airborne allergens (substances that cause an allergic reaction) by lowering air moisture levels in areas such as bathrooms by drying wet floors and walls
  •  reduce drafts, aiding people with asthma or other breathing complications.
  •  heat the whole floor area which generates the opposite heat cycle to that of conventional heat sources
  •  generate more radiant heat as opposed to convective heat
  •  Our energy efficient underfloor heating results in a 15% energy saving over traditional heating, assuming the system has been installed correctly and is running using a timer
  •  evenly disperse radiant heat and provide an ideal air temperature profile in your rooms through the correct balance of radiant and convected heat.

We work closely with our domestic customers in Devon and Somerset to ensure you receive the most cost effective underfloor heating design solution when upgrading your home click here to discuss details of your requirements.